Wonders 1-2 years old: Some Superheroes come in small packages but they sure like to move around. Our Wonder class is viewing and exploring the world with curiosity and wonder and awe. These superheroes’ personality, vocabulary and temperament are developing so quickly and we want to provide an active learning environment that fosters growth at an individual pace.

Incredibles 2-3 years old: What do you call a group of 2-3 year old superheroes with increasing verbal and communication skills with the ability to leap a pile of legos in a single bound? The incredible class! They love books and all things sensory. Keeping them active is key to learning and growing and our teachers create a learning environment fit for small superheroes.

Marvels 3-4 years old: The superheroes in the Marvels class are learning to work and play together AND even share! Our program builds on that aspect of development for 3-4 year olds by providing large and small group learning experiences as well as one on one activities to nurture growth as they learn shapes, colors, number and letter recognition and so much more!

Flashes/VPK is a constitutional amendment passed by Florida’s voters in 2002 mandating that pre-kindergarten be available to ALL four year old children in the state of Florida. This program is voluntary and free to children and families with the goal to ensure children who enter kindergarten fully ready to learn and succeed. For more information, click on

Learning the alphabet, numbers, beginning sounds and fine motor skills is nothing for these superheroes. The Flashes are in a setting where learning occurs faster than a speeding bullet. In a town center pretend environment, these superheroes love to move around and use their super powers to learn and grow.